Gastronomía Navarra

plates and “cazuelicas”

Hors d’oeuvres

Acorn Fed 100% Ibérico Ham and cold cuts 5J assortment and toasts

Acorn Fed 100% Ibérico ham 5J
Iberian chorizo
Iberian pork loin
Iberian salchichón (salami-type sausage)
Assorted Iberian cold cuts
Sheep’s milk cheese from Bertizarana
Acorn Fed 100% Ibérico ham 5J toast
Scrambled eggs and boletus mushroom toast


Lettuce, tomato and onion
Mixed salad: Lettuce, tomato, onion, boiled eggs, tuna, olives and white asparagus
Tomato, bonito and onion
Smoked salmon: Lettuce, salmon, boiled eggs, olives, onion, piquillo peppers

Products from our vegetable garden

Lodosa white asparagus in vinaigrette dressing
Lodosa leeks in vinaigrette dressing
Piquillo peppers
Sautéed artichokes with acorn Fed 100% Ibérico ham 5J
Sautéed artichokes with boletus mushrooms

Soups and soupy dishes

Baby broad beans with cured ham
Fresh “Pochas” (typical Navarre fresh white seasonal beans) with chorizo from Arbizu
Beans from Barranca with piparras (typical Navarre seasonal peppers) from Ibarra

Traditional Sarría dishes

Veal tripe with sauce
Lamb offal with sauce
Relleno (typical Navarre sausage made with rice, eggs and spices) with tomato sauce
Cooked cured ham with tomato and eggs
Txistorra (thin spicy sausage) from Arbizu
Chorizo from Arbizu cooked with cider
Blood sausage from Altsasu with tomato sauce
Pork trotters with sauce


Selection of croquettes: Shrimp, croquette, pepper and ham & cheese
Acorn Fed 100% Ibérico ham 5J croquettes 6 pieces


Omelets and scrambled eggs

Salt cod omelet
Cured ham omelet
Shrimp omelet
Small Spanish omelet
Large Spanish omelet
Scrambled eggs with oyster mushrooms
Scrambled eggs with oyster mushrooms and shrimp
Scrambled eggs with boletus mushrooms

Fried eggs

With French fries
With cured ham / chorizo / blood sausage
With loin / ajoarriero (salt cod stew with red peppers, typical Navarre Style) / escombro (cold cuts) / txistorra (thin spicy sausage)
With veal steak
*Additional ingredient: French fries, piquillo peppers, cured ham, chorizo, tomato sauce, txistorra (thin spicy sausage).

Spanish broken eggs over potatoes

With Piquillo peppers / blood sausage / chorizo
With txistorra (thin spicy sausage) / ajoarriero / escombro (cold cuts) / boletus mushrooms /
Acorn Fed 100% Ibérico ham 5J
*Additional ingredient


Casa Belia: Meatballs, egg, french fries and piquillo peppers
Mataletxon: Entrecôte, boletus mushrooms, french fries and piquillo peppers
Lamb chops
Pork loin
Veal steak


Iberian pork cheeks with sauce
Beef tail stew

Iberian meats

Pork tenderloin
Sirloin steak
Iberian ham shoulder steak
Lean fillet
*All our meats diches include a french fries or piquillo peppers garnish


Ajoarriero (salt cod stew with red peppers, typical Navarre Style)
Ajoarriero (salt cod stew with red peppers, typical Navarre Style) with shrimps
Shrimps in garlic and olive oil sauce
Batter salt cod loins in tomato sauce
Octopus in vinaigrette
Smoked salmon
Salt cod stuffed Piquillo Peppers


Caramel custard
Frozen whiskey cake
Ice cream slice (cream or vanilla)
Crocanti ice cream
Cheese with quince jelly
Scottish (espresso, whiskey and whipped cream) or Irish (espresso, vanilla ice-cream and scotch) coffee

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